Thermal Imaging Scan & Termite Included

Thermal Imaging Scan & Termite Inspection

Thermal Imaging Scan & Termite Inspection Included?

At Wolf Inspection Services we include the “Thermal Imaging Scan” and “Termite Inspection” at no additional cost to the client when purchasing a full home inspection. So why would we do this?

Thermal Imaging

We utilize the thermal imaging scan in our home inspection because it’s an invaluable tool when inspecting your home. It’s a tool that all inspectors should be using at every inspection. Countless times we have found hidden roof leaks, plumbing leaks, and insufficient insulation in the home.

We find:

  • Hidden leaks.
  • Insufficient attic insulation.
  • Over heated electrical issues.
  • Moisture behind walls; MOLD issues.
  • Energy loss with openings in the home.

Termite Inspection

Our inspectors are certified WDO inspectors employed by F2 Exterminators and are qualified to inspect your home for any termite activity or previous damaged. We are looking for the little buggers anyway, so why wouldn’t we include this for free? Some inspectors charge a fee for this service.

Read more about our termite inspection here.

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