Pest Control Services

Pest Control Services F2 ExterminatorsWe’ve teamed up with F2 Exterminators, for all you pest control services!

F2 Exterminators offers targeted treatments for any of your pest control services needs. Wolf Inspection Services is also employed by F2 allowing us to perform the termite inspections for all full home inspections we do.  They are licensed, insured and trained to resolve any pest problems you may encounter.  They use the best and safest products and procedures because safety and results are our highest priorities.

Their pest control techniques involve insecticides, baiting, exclusion services, and mechanical installations.  Each of these is designed to safely and effectively control pests.

Pests need moisture, food, and shelter to survive. Your home provides all of this in abundance AND your house keeps their natural predators out. Because of this, pests are a constant problem in Florida.

Physical controls such as keeping landscaping from touching your house, keeping woodpiles and moisture away from your house and making sure soffits, plumbing and electrical lines are sealed properly can help tremendously with keeping pests out of your home.

When this isn’t enough, F2 Exterminators can set up a treatment plan, tailored to your specific needs, that will solve your pest problems.

Call (941) 275-7733 or visit their website to schedule a pest control service today.