Citizens Roof Certification

Why do I need a Citizens Roof Certification?

A Citizens Roof Certification may be required by your insurance company prior to obtaining a policy. This is common with most insurance companies. Insurance companies want to ensure your roof is in acceptable condition to insure. The Roof Certification report must be completed and signed by a Florida-licensed building or roofing contractor, home inspector, architect, engineer, or building code official. The most cost effective is to hire a home inspector to perform this inspection. If you are getting our 4-Point insurance inspection, you can use that to satisfy this inspection, saving you $$$. It’s important to note: This inspection report does not qualify for the wind mitigation inspection report.

The following information is required, along with at least two photos of the roof:

  • roof_tileType of roof material
  • Age of roof
  • Remaining useful life
  • Date of last roofing permit
  • Date of last update of roof
  • If partially replaced, percentage of roof replaced
  • Overall condition of roof (from excellent downward to poor)
  • Any visible deterioration an/or damage
  • Any visible signs of leaks
  • Age and condition are tied together as one item because there’s always a correlation between the two. In the absence of any other information, we look at the condition to determine the approximate age of the roof.

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