4-Point Inspection Changes September 1, 2018

4-Point Inspection Changes September 1, 2018

Four Point ImageCitizens Property Insurance Corporation announced major changes in the requirements for 4-Point Insurance Inspections. These changes were first shared with Florida insurance agents in Citizens Bulletin on Feb 9th, 2018. According to this report, “Agents and licensed inspectors should begin using the updated forms immediately. After September 1st 2018 if the agent submits a previous version of the form(s), Underwriting may request additional information of create other underwriting actions”.

The purpose of the updates to the 4-Point Insurance Form (Insp4pt 01 18) as stated by Citizens is “to evaluate risks better and determine whether a property meets Citizens’ eligibility guidelines”. Below are just a few of the updates (changes) made to this new 4-point report.

  • ELECTRICAL – Separate documentation of any aluminum wiring remediation must be provided and certified by a licensed electrician as well as documentation of any “hazards present”. The list of hazards includes “empty sockets, improper grounding, corrosion, double taps and exposed wiring” as examples.
  • HVAC – “Date of last HVAC servicing/inspection” as well as “air handler/condensate line OR drain pan signs of blockage or leakage, including water damage to the surrounding areas”.
  • PLUMBING – In addition to extensive photo documentation of all valves for corrosion, there is now a requirement to report on the condition of ALL plumbing fixtures and appliances with specific comments on “leaks, wet/soft spots, mold, corrosion, grout/caulk, etc.”
  • ROOF – Again extensive photo requirements as well as the requirement to inspect for signs of roof leaks in the interior of the home and an attic inspection. The date of the last roofing permit is also required.

Click the link below to view the new report.

New 4-Point Inspection

For complete Agent Bulletin, please visit the Citizen Website.

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