MOLD Testing

Mold Testing for Airborne Mold Spores: It’s What You Can’t See That May Hurt You!

Mold testing can find mold in every home in Florida. What matters is knowing what kind of mold, how much mold, and whether or not the mold in your home is harmful to you or your family. Give yourself the peace of mind and have your home inspected and tested today. We do not refer to, or own any MOLD remediation company. This keeps the facts straight about your current situation.

Reasons to test your home:

  • Funny musty smelling rooms.
  • Buying a home – find out if the home has toxic mold or common molds.
  • Starting a project and you find visual mold – know what you breathing before you start cleaning up.
  • Allergies worse than normal. Fatigue, sense of not feeling well.

Full LAB Results Within 48 Hours!

We complete a full visual inspection of the living space, which includes the areas of concern and other general areas that typically have mold growth.

We inspect:

  • All interior walls with Moisture Meter and/or Thermal Imaging Camera to identify areas more likely to have hidden mold that have not yet manifested itself.
  • All closets, under sinks, under stairs, around windows/doors, or any areas where water is present. (Bathrooms, Utility Rooms, Kitchens, ETC)
  • Attics or Crawlspaces will be inspected if needed. This is possible should we find evidence that merit further investigation into these places.

Once the full visual inspection of the property is complete, a testing/sampling plan will be suggested. Depending on our findings, we may suggest additional swab sampling or air sampling be conducted.

Three Types of Samples we Take:

    • Air Quality SamplingAir Quality Sample – Samples are collected via a calibrated air pump and spore trap. Our traps collect 5 Cubic Liters of air per minute for 5 minutes. All homes have some levels of mold in the air, these samples determine the type of mold, how much mold (compared to the exterior sample taken) and what kind of symptoms can be expected when breathing the spores found. 
    • Cavity SampleCavity Sample – This is collected much in the same manor as above, however it’s a more concentrated area in which we test, such as within a wall cavity. These are collected whenever a wall shows signs of visual damage or if a wall has high moisture content. These tell us whether elevated conditions exist behind inaccessible walls to determine if removal is necessary.
    • Swab SampleSurface “SWAB” Sample – Surface samples can be taken of any visual discoloration or growth that is observed. We are able to do this by using a medical swab or tape lift. These will identify the species of any observed growth. This often helps when determining the source of any airborne levels.

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