Wolf Inspect Now Provides a Property History Report

BuildFax Property History Report

Wolf Inspect runs a Property History Report “Background Check” before heading out to your home to inspect it. We provide an easy-to-read, standardized report for you and is included in the report at no additional cost. This report can be very valuable in negotiating a better price for your home.


BuildFax Data Includes:

  • Remodels, new construction, pools, demolition, and roofs.
  • Covering all the trades — mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and roof replacement.
  • Data points include inspection/contractor history and more.

Know Before You Buy: Arm yourself with the construction history of the property so that you know more about the property going in, especially by using BuildFax’s 19-point risk factor summary.

Peace of Mind: Documented repairs (such as HVAC updates and roof replacements) and value increases (such as additions and remodels) giving peace of mind in the property purchase.

BuildFax provides deep insight into a property, including all details of permitted home improvements and renovations made to the structure. This includes additions, electrical, mechanical, and plumbing updates, roof replacements, renovations, demolitions, and more. In addition to permitted updates, BuildFax Property History Reports Reports can also show spans of time when updates haven’t occurred (often great indicators of aging systems).

BuildFax data is primarily sourced from permit data and collected directly from the building department. This collected data is standardized into a common report format and mined using advanced data analytics to highlight the information that matters to clients and weed out the cryptic “noise” often found within permit text. The net result is an easy-to-read report that arms client with the life story of a property.

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For more information visit the BuildFax website.

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